"Maximize Your N14 Performance!"

Celect|Celect Plus ECMs

Fully Re-Manufactured Cummins Celect|Celect Plus ECM s
$1175 w/rebuildable exchange.
  • Part Numbers Available: 3084473, 3618046, 3619037, 3096662, 3408300, 3408303.
  • For Engines: Celect and Celect Plus N14, M11 and L10
  • REMAN ECM s  are ALWAYS In Stock!
  • FREE: Same Day Shipping on orders by 2pm CST Mon-Fri less company recognized holidays.
  • FREE: Calibration to your truck's CPL, Features and Parameters. ECM comes to your door ready to bolt on and go!
  • Our ECM s  will maximize your N14's efficiency! And of course, your M11 and L10.
  • We supply the highest quality REMAN ECM s  you can get. Don't settle for second rate!
  • Our ECM s  are tested on a Live Running Truck before shipment to ensure they function normally.
  • May also be known as a "PCM" or "TCM", but ECM is the correct term. 
  • $400 Core Deposit required. Refunded once we receive your re-buildable core.
    • Send us your ECM and we will test it for FREE! We may be able to avoid a core charge, make sure your ECM is the problem, and get the calibration information off the ECM!
  • Call us today at: (320) 275-9760 for more information and ordering.

Also Available:

Used Cummins Celect|Celect Plus ECM s.
$600 w/rebuildable exchange.
  • For engines N14, M11, and L10.
  • Part Numbers: 3084473, 3618046, 3619037, 3096662, 3408300, 3408303
  • We get these infrequently from truck dis-mantlers, etc.
  • Not guaranteed in stock, but we ALWAYS have REMAN units.
  • FREE Calibration to your truck's CPL, Features and Parameters.
  • Guaranteed against DOA only: 24 hours from receipt. 
  • Same core policy as REMAN units.
  • Same warranty (except duration) as REMAN units. 
  • Call for availability.
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